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What Plastic Surgeons Don’t Want You to Know: Your Breasts Are Normal

I am the admin of a group I founded on Facebook called the Woman Hole; it’s like a man cave but for women. It’s an open discussion for all things we women need a safe haven to discuss without judgement or fear- relationship advice, dick pic woes, laughs, self love, and encouragement.

Something that comes up often is women looking for encouragement for their beautiful womanly bodies and discussions on whether they should get a breast augmentation. Women questioning whether they should pull the trigger on making a huge life and body altering decision because they’re tired of the stretch marks, their saggy appearance, one boob being bigger than the other, etc.

Now let me just state… I am NOT judging women who decide for whatever reason to get an augmentation or ANY plastic surgery. To each their own. I am here to try to normalize our beautiful bodies (and most importantly in this post, our breasts), bringing acceptance back to our divine selves and bodies.

Ladies, this is what your plastic surgeon, the media, and all industries that look to capitalize off you not feeling like your tits (and body) are perfect enough…Your breasts are NORMAL!!! 3 Exclamation marks to emphasize that shit, I’d put 100 more if I knew it wouldn’t make my article look childish AF.

Business Insider states that in 2016, Americans spent $1.8 BILLION dollars on breast augmentation surgery alone!

Covering up my kitties, so you don’t see my forbidden areolas.

We have been hoodwinked.

We’ve been bamboozled by many industries that make big daddy fat sacks sums of cash off us feeling inferior.

We’ve been lead to believe that all tits look like perky little melons of fun, that never droop, sag, or have a little wear and tear.

Porn star tits = “perfect.”

The body double’s tits who you didn’t realize stood in for your favorite actress’ topless scene = “perfect.”

The CGI or photoshop done on an actress’ tits for a topless scenes = “perfect.”

The model’s tits who had a boob job (yet again, no shame) = “perfect.”

We see nothing but SEXUALIZED “perfect” tits all over Victoria Secret ads (or really, any ad that is looking to sexualize breasts in order to sell us shit), high dollar pornos, within the modeling industry, Instagram models, news anchors, tv & movies… you name it.

WELL NO FUCKING WONDER we think tits are supposed to be all perky and shit and doubt the incredible bodies we’ve been gifted.

So to put this “perfect” breast thing to rest, here are some photos of the many beautiful and different ways breasts can look thanks to this gallery of normal breasts:

So whether you have:
Veiny girls
One girl that is bigger than the other
One girl that points to the left, and the other girl points downward
Big areolas
Small areolas
Hard nipples
Soft nipples
Stretch marks
Ladies that hang low
Girls that fall off the face of the planet when you lay down on your back
Or anything else


Imagine what would happen if we one day woke up, and decided to love ourselves as is. It would be death to so many industries that make fortunes off from our self hate, loathing, and desire to conform. We will never #freethenipple as long as we have all of these industries making money off of us not knowing that breasts do come in all shapes, sizes, and varieties… because once we start freeing our nipples, we will see our true breasts for what they really are- beautiful, and I highly believe once we SEE the truth, we may not want to augment our girls.

Being topless in nature is LIFE.

I encourage you all to find a nude beach or clothing optional hot springs. Go there with all judgements and preconceived notions set aside. You will be blown away by all of the various bodies (and breasts) you see. It’ll allow you to take a huge sigh of relief and realize your body is nothing to hate or lose sleep over… plus you’ll also find out that most men are respectable and not creepers.

My first ever nudist beach, on the Big Island of Hawaii.

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  1. Yes, yes yes!!! All too often we ladies (at one point or another in our lives) are chasing something that is not attainable. Eventually I think we grow up or grow out of it. I’m finally at that point in life where I love my body just as it is: with stretch marks, wrinkles, cellulite dimples, sun blemishes etc. And that is the BEST feeling in the world!
    Thanks for sharing your info on our “girls”! It was a nice refreshing read!!!

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