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Have you ever heard of digestive bitters?

It’s no secret that a lot of our food has been selectively bred to have a more palatable taste- less bitter or sour and more neutral or sweet. Whereas the foods we favor today in their original form years ago, used to be more bitter or tart. 

These bitter foods helped to prime our digestive system to break down food which made digestion easier. 

So while our food is more palatable, we’re missing out on array of qualities that make it easier for our systems to digest. 

Enter digestive bitters- herbs that support digestivefunction by stimulating bitter receptors on the tongue, stomach, gallbladder and pancreas. Their primary effect is to promote digestivejuices such as stomachacid, bile and enzymes to breakdown food and assist in the absorption of nutrients.

Digestive bitters help with:

🌿gas &bloating

🌿bowel irritability

🌿symptoms linked with IBS, Chron’s, Ulcerative Colitis, & SIBO

🌿improves the breakdown of fats

🌿supports the liver in the production of bile

🌿supports the gallbladder with the secretion of bile

🌿relieves occasional heartburn

🌿promote regular bowel movements

🌿reduce food sensitivities 

🌿improves protein digestion & mineral absorption 

I made a digestive bitters filled with carefully selected herbs to help with digestive and to personally help ME to feel better as something with my digestion is still off. These herbs include: Oregon grape root, dandelion root, chamomile, fennel seed, orange peel, Angelica root and licorice root. 

I soaked them in organic cane sugar alcohol for two months, strained off the liquid and will drop a couple drops under my tongue about 10 minutes before I eat. I just started to do this so I’m excited to see what happens. 

Have you ever tried digestive bitters? Do you think they could help you?

They’re something I offer in my shop if you’re looking for an organic ready to take bitters. I have a limited supply of only 20 1oz bottles available, so don’t dilly dally. 🙂

Digestive Bitters Digestive Bitters