Catnip tincture


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Catnip is traditionally thought of as a stimulant for cats, but did you know humans can use it as well?

And while it’s a stimulate for cats, it actually has the opposite effect on humans- it helps to calm the nerves, treats motion sickness, is a natural muscle relaxer and sedative.

Also, many people use catnip as an alternative method for treating the flu and colds, because catnip can cause a person to sweat, without increasing the actual temperature of the body.

Other benefits of catnip:

🌿Insomnia relief

🌿Headache and migraine relief

🌿Antifungal & antibiotic

🌿Helps with toothaches

🌿Relieves digestive problems

🌿Helps relieve menstrual cramps

A week ago, I was feeling out of it with a mild headache that I couldn’t shake. I took some homemade catnip tincture that I made from our organic catnip growing in our herb garden and felt relief within about 20 minutes, with a bit of sedation which felt amazing.

A couple drops of the catnip tincture under the tongue will help. 

Store out of direct sunlight. 

Ingredients: organic, homegrown catnip and organic cane alcohol. 

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