Law of Attraction

How to Manifest Anything You Want in 6 Steps

You better believe homegirl manifested this trip I was on in Bali.

Being able to intentionally create your future is something that was never on my radar.

I wasn’t ever on a wavelength that allowed me the introspection to understand that a lot of the unsavory moments that have happened in my life were of my creating or better yet- my manifesting.

I was too wrapped up in my story, the one that made me a victim of every shitty circumstance. I used my victimhood to validate everything that sucked in my life- my unhappy/depressed life, yoyoing through bulimia & anorexia, and letting my shyness & social anxiety keep me from living my definition of a cool life- you know one with no regrets, where I felt like a badass chick who takes no shit, and lives life on her own terms.

For those who prefer visual stimuli (and aren’t bothered by my goofy faces) check out the condensed version on YouTube.

One day while being balls deep in personal development for my business, I learned about the Law of Attraction through the Secret. While some people think concepts like the Secret or Law of Attraction are bullshit, my application and execution of the steps I’ve outlined below have radically changed my life into a world traveling, independent woman in a happy relationship, who thrives off connection and sharing her story to hopefully inspire at least one other women to live a radical life.

Since learning manifestation, I have manifested books, people, experiences, travel, retreats, homes, and even my boyfriend into my life. So, you could say I’m getting pretty serious with this, and believe in it wholeheartedly.


You want a house, you say? Well don’t just say “I want a house.” You very well could end up with a trap house. For real though, you’re going to have to get really clear about what you want.

When I come up with an affirmation or manifestation I am sure to not only be descriptive, but I also include the date I want to achieve/receive it by but I also state it as if it’s already happened or I already have it. For example, “I want a house” turns into “I live in an oceanside minimalist home on the Big Island of Hawaii, by July 27, 2017.” See the difference?


Studies show that the brain has a hard time differentiating imagination from reality. So if you want to manifest something, envision yourself with it right now, or like it’s already happening.

When I first learned of manifestation I was told to practice manifesting something small into my life. I heard about this book I needed to read for my business. I wasn’t keen on buying it, so I decided I’d manifest it coming into my life. I closed my eyes and pictured finding it on a bedside table, completely taken back from the delight of dreaming of manifesting something and me making it actually happen. “Holy fucking shit, I manifested it” are things I said aloud to myself when I was dreaming of actually coming across this book. So imagine my utter shock and delight when I was browsing through a FB group that I managed for my business just a few days after dreaming up manifesting this book, when I happened to come across a PDF version of the book uploaded into our group files section, ON MY BIRTHDAY. That was all the sign I needed to understand that this works.


This is where the law of attraction and the Secret get a lot of shit. People learn about this and think that its a twisted idea because it’s based on just wishing for something and not putting any work in. That’s not how it works for me. 9/10 I have to put elbow grease in if I want my manifestation to come into fruition.

One just wouldn’t work a 9-5 and try to manifest a career that granted you the ability to be a digital nomad. If one wanted to manifest a career as being a digital nomad, you’d have to put the elbow grease in. Networking, learning how the hell anyone is capable of being able to work remotely, finding a way to get your foot in with a company that allows it’s employees to work from a laptop anywhere in the world. You don’t just luck into this shit, as nice and as easy as that sounds.


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This can be tough, especially if your mindset has been on the fritz. You must believe that your manifestations can become true. If you don’t believe in the power of your mind, than you will continue to receive shitty situations and experiences that do not reflect your ultimate dreams, goals, and manifestations. One must totally believe that this can work, even though you may be skeptical… cause I tell you what, whether you believe in this or not, manifestation is working for you everyday. You may notice you’re having a shitty day, and think to yourself “fuck this day, what more could go wrong?” And at that moment, you are welcoming into your existence even more shitty things to happen. If you switch your mindset to “this day is bound to get better” you’ll find plenty of good reason to be grateful for the turn around. This is all manifestation.


One surefire way to encourage your manifestations become a reality is to be aware of the synchronicities in your life. All those moments that seem eerily connected. Like when you randomly think of your old friend Susan you haven’t talked to since you last played with your Tamagotchi, all of a sudden friends you on Facebook.

Once while working out in the hot sweltering Florida sun, I had a thought of “holy shit, all my makeup is running, I probably look like a panda.” Then, later that day while walking to the beach a skateboarder started talking to me, and what do you know?! I notice a panda on the bottom of his skate deck. WHAT THE WHAT. These “coincidences” are all important to take note of.

I have gone as far as to jot down all the synchronicities that happen to me on a daily basis in order to encourage more and more to happen, letting the universe know that I see what’s going on here and I appreciate it.

Follow the white rabbit, Neo…


So you want to hang with the big dogs eh? You want to start manifesting the shit out of your reality, making your life truly badass, and by design instead of default?

Well, you’re going to have to get real about the people you hang out with and the stuff you’re absorbing between your ears. One of my great mentors, Jim Rohn, has a quote that goes a little something like you’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. So what’s that mean for you as a future great manifester? That if your friends don’t believe in themselves, nor do they even want to entertain the idea of manifesting then by god you’re going to have the damndest time believing in yourself and the power of your innate gift to be a creator by manifesting your reality. AND while we’re at it, if you watch the news and all the commercials directed at you to make you be in fear, and to feel like you’re not good enough, then let’s be real… you’re just up shit creek without a paddle.

Questions or comments about manifesting? Maybe you have a story of a cool synchronicity or manifestation?! Please share below. =)


  1. Woot woot girl tell it like it is….much love to you and Max…looks like I will be seeing my daughter and son in law soon enough in your minimalest beach front house in Hawaii. …

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