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Why the DivaCup is Better Than Tampons

It’s no secret, if you follow me on Facebook and Instagram, you’ll know that I LOVE my DivaCup.

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What is there not to love about it?

Two years into my love affair, I have yet to find anything that would make me consider breaking up with my cup.

I know a lot of women are intimidated by using a menstrual cup during their moon cycles, afraid of a lot of random scenarios and even at the thought of dealing with their own blood… but I’m here to delve deeper into the benefits of using it, and to hopefully break you free from the chains keeping your from leveling up your period game.

All the juicy details about the DivaCup:

    • The DivaCup is safe for your hoo-ha.

      Unlike conventional tampons and pads which are made with genetically modified cotton, they’ve have been found to contain pesticide residue as well as cancer causing glyphosate, and have been heavily processed AND BLEACHED (yes, Tampax explains on it’s website tampons go through a “purification” process which includes bleaching sounds legit), the DivaCup which is a bell shaped silicone cup, doesn’t contain any nasty chemicals like latex, plastic, PVC, BPA, etc and it’s free of colors & dyes. We wonder why women have problems with PCOS, infertility, and cancer? I’m not a scientist, but if I put my critical thinking cap on I’d be led to believe there is a correlation between all of these and stuffing a bleached tampon containing pesticides into your tender, absorbent, vaginal lining.

    • Eco friendly

      Are you pissed that Trump didn’t hop on board of the Paris Climate Agreement? Well here’s one SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE way you can do your own part to help reduce your global impact. Imagine how many tampons (and applicators) and pads get used throughout a woman’s lifetime. Now imagine all of the women in the developed world who use feminine care products. Once you’re done using these things, they don’t just disappear into thin air. They end up clogging sewers, in landfills, and applicators end up polluting the environment. While walking along a more secluded beach in Bali, you wouldn’t believe how many tampon applicators I saw that had washed up on the shore. CRINGE. The DivaCup is reusable and cleanable- just simmer it in boiling water every so often after your cycle to thoroughly clean it.

    • It’s cheaper

      Consider how much you pay for tampons and other feminine care products. Over a lifetime an average woman could spend over $1,700 just on tampons alone. With the DivaCup, I paid about $25 and it’s lasted 2 years so far.

    • Makes traveling easier

      While trekking through Nepal, I realized how much I appreciated my cup. We were in the absolute middle of nowhere, the last time we saw a car was 5 days ago, and I hit my period. Thank jebus I had my cup on me or I would have been SOL. Finding tampons or pads in the middle of nowhere in the mountains was impossible, I kept my eyes peeled for them for curiosity sake. Zero pads or tampons. Now imagine going to somewhere like India, where you find tampons but they’re only the extra large size… and then you see the amount of pollution and trash that plagues the country. The last thing you want to do is contribute more to the pollution and lack of trash control.

    • More comfortable in your vagina

      You ever have one of those really light periods? One where you know you need a tampon, just to prevent staining your pants, but the flow isn’t heavy enough that placing the tampon in and pulling it out hurts? Yeah. Those incidents suck and are so uncomfortable. Now imagine all the little bleached, gmo, tampon fibers sticking to the inner walls of your vagina as you attempt to pull it out in agony as it feels like its stuck up there. Yeah, you don’t have that with the DivaCup. Doesn’t matter if it’s a heavy day or not, you don’t feel it once it’s in there, and it doesn’t hurt like a SOB when you pull it out.

  •  Long lasting leak protection without worrying about Toxic Shock Syndrome

    Once you master the placement of the DivaCup, which isn’t difficult but as with anything, there is just a SLIGHT learning curve, that sucker has your back for 12 hours. Many women worry about having to empty it while in public.

    “Oh my god, how embarrassing to have to change it in a public bathroom.” “Ew, I don’t want to do bleed out all over.”

    Blah Blah Blah. Well, here’s the thing… the average woman only loses 1-2 ounces of blood per cycle. The DivaCup holds 1 ounce, so you can feel confident that you wont leak out. I always recommend to dump the contents of your cup in the morning before you head out, that way you can go about your day without having to empty it out until you get home at night. EVEN IF you have to dump it out while out and about, please know that it’s not a big deal. You can easily empty it out in the bathroom stall, and put it back in without causing a scene.

  • Helps you to grow closer to & respect your body

    It really pains me when one of the biggest reasons women are against using menstrual cups is because they’re grossed out by their own blood. Ladies, that blood coursing inside you is your life force, it’s chock full of stem cells, nutrients, oxygen and all good things that allow you to thrive and bring life into this world. I too used to be grossed out by it, but as I’ve matured and learned to love my body, that love has grown to encompass all that my body is, including getting comfortable with all of it’s excrements.  So much so that… hold your ovaries ladies… women have been known to use their blood and apply it as a facial mask. Yes. You read that correctly. It can even be used as a face mask. That blood you’re wincing at contains so much stem cells and beneficial nutrients, one would be a fool not to. It very well could be one of the reasons why my face is so radiant and clear.

  • Great nutrients for your plants

    Say what? Yes. I’ve been in plenty of forums where women say that they’ll take their blood, mix it with some high quality h2o and pour it onto their plants. Hey, if it’s good for our bodies, and good as a face mask, shit, maybe it’s good for plants too. I haven’t done this myself, but a woman within one of the forums I was in, was raving about how using the blood from her DivaCup brought one of her tomato plants back to life. Hey, if we use cow shit as fertilizer for plants, how is this any different?

If you’d like to order a DivaCup, be sure that you select the one right for you. They make one for women who haven’t given birth, as well as one for women who have birthed a little one. The first one below is for women without children, second one is for women who have given birth.

All that being said, I know that there’s organic tampons on the market. While I appreciate the idea behind them, I never see myself resorting to using them, based on the simple fact that the DivaCup works for me, I’ve already invested in it, and I want to continue to do my part to be more eco friendly. Also, I know there’s also wearable panties that are meant to absorb period blood, but ya know, I’m okay on that. No offense to anyone who opts for them, as I’m sure it’s great and all for you… but that just reminds me of wearing a diaper, and quite frankly I don’t wear underwear nor do I plan on wearing a descendant of the diaper anytime soon. 😉

Do you use a DivaCup? If not what do you use? Please share below!

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