Cold Feet…

Well, I guess it’s about damn time I do this.

For the past 4 years or so, I’ve been using both Instagram and Facebook as a blog. I’d share some of my deepest secrets in the pages of the Book, along with stories from my life experiences which has helped the women who follow me to become more confident, switch to a more holistic way of life, and not be so scared of this epic planet we live on.

Basking in all my naked glory while in Lake Tahoe

I guess the cold feet for making the plunge was just out of ego… you know all the 21st century millennial first world problems.

Will my blog get hits?

Will I lose my engagement on FB?

What if it’s not a success?

I decided enough with being scared to make a leap of faith. Every other epic thing I’ve attempted in my life I’ve either been successful with, had fun adventures that I could share in a book one day, or it’s redirected me to something even better in life than I would have imagined. So I hunkered down, switched to an excited and positive perspective, and hired a web designer.

I’d love to share my story of how I’ve gotten to where I am in my life, but that’d take away all the fun… so for now you’ll have to chill, read my About Me page, follow me on FB & IG if you don’t already, and be patient young grasshopper, as I drop the proverbial bread crumbs sharing all the tasty bits and pieces of world through my lens.

Welcome, sit back, pack a bowl (if that’s your thing), and enjoy the ride.

xo Kelly